2022-2026 National Action Plan to Strengthen the Fight Against Corruption

Approved by the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 4 April 2022

This comprehensive National Action Plan to Strengthen the Fight Against Corruption covering the 2022-2026 period serves to consolidate the anti-corruption efforts of various agencies with different areas of activity and to systematically coordinate the fight against corruption among all government agencies and civil society institutions.
Corruption, which has a negative impact on overall development and security, poses a serious threat to the rule of law and social justice, slows down economic and social development, and impedes the creation of a favorable business environment.
Corruption has historically been a problem facing societies and still remains one of the most pressing problems in the world today.
It is particularly important to continue the fight against corruption and apply effective mechanisms to prevent corruption in line with modern challenges. Therefore, it is necessary to launch new initiatives in the fight against corruption both at the international and national levels. The measures taken in this area should be aimed at preventing the causes, types and consequences of corruption.
Azerbaijan's anti-corruption experience is of systematic, comprehensive and innovative nature. Within the framework of measures being taken in this area, a national strategy and action plans to combat corruption have been adopted, new views and tasks have been identified. At present, a new model of social state has been developed in our country, and the main goal of public policy is to achieve a high level of social well-being of the people.
As a result of focused and thought-out measures taken both at the international level and within the country in recent years to achieve the main strategic goals, our country has made significant progress in terms of both socioeconomic development and institutional framework.
At the same time, the liberation of the occupied territories as a result of the Patriotic War opened a new stage in the development for our country. The new strategic priorities of the state, such as the involvement of foreign and local investors in the implementation of infrastructure projects in these areas and the expansion of entrepreneurial activity in these lands, are a harbinger of future development of the region. Components such as a corruption-free environment and transparency are key to this development.
The current stage of development of our country requires the adoption of a new document – a new National Action Plan to combat corruption, which will ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of systemic measures in the fight against corruption.
The implementation of comprehensive measures reflected in the National Action Plan as part of the focused and resolute activities in the fight against corruption in our country increase transparency, improve the quality of services provided by government agencies and enhance the role of civil society institutions in organizing public oversight and exposing corruption.
The improved governance mechanisms in the public sector, transparency and public participation in local self-government, the establishment of anti-corruption standards in the private sector based on international standards, and improved legal framework in relevant areas based on international best practices are the main priorities and goals in combating corruption.
The measures to be implemented under the National Action Plan will be financed from the state budget allocated to relevant bodies of executive authority and other sources not prohibited by law.

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