Nasiraddin Tusi - an eminent encyclopedic thinker, philosopher and sociopolitical figure of Azerbaijan

Baku, April 5, AZERTAC
Nasiraddin Tusi was a great Azerbaijani scholar. An eminent encyclopedic thinker, philosopher and sociopolitical figure, Tusi received his primary education from his father and uncle, and then engaged deeply in study of different fields of the humanitarian and natural sciences in Khorasan. Nasiraddin Tusi established the Maragha Observatory in 1259. This is one of his most important contributions to the history of world science and culture. He gathered over 100 representatives of different nations here and created the necessary conditions for their work. All the fields of knowledge: scientific, religious, philosophical and sociopolitical, trainings of that time were taught at the madrasah operating under the observatory. The madrasah had a library with more than 400 thousand books.
Nasiraddin Tusi's books concerning theology, philosophy, politics and ethics reflect his ideology. In his works, Nasiraddin Tusi attached a special importance to the freedom of human will. A distinguished follower of the Ibn Sina and Bahmanyar schools, Nasiraddin Tusi further developed their ideas. Nasiraddin Tusi's ethical and sociopolitical views are described mainly in the «AkhlagiNasiri» tract, which was written in 1235. Nasiraddin Tusi had unequalled merits in mathematics, astronomy and physics.
Nasiraddin Tusi was also an author of tracts and philosophical poems on the theory and ethical problems of poetry and music. Nasiraddin Tusi's ideology, comprehensive philosophy, progressive ethical, sociopolitical, as well as theological ideas are of interest not only from a historical standpoint, but also are of essential importance today.


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