Beekeeping products and walnut jam have become local food producers' primary food products in Azerbaijan

Baku, March 17, AZERTAC

Under the European Union-funded "Development of sustainable and inclusive agri-food systems in the north-western region of Azerbaijan" project covering Gakh, Zagatala, and Balakan districts, training sessions have been held on the preparation of honey production, proper packaging, and preparation of eco-friendly walnut jam products.
According to the FAO Country Office in Azerbaijan, the primary purpose of the training sessions is to support local food producers' access to the market and branding of these products, in the training sessions, participants discussed in groups the importance of honey, pollen, bee's milk, wax, propolis, pollen, bee venom in human health.
Experts advised the local beekeeping producers of the use of polyurethane material during the transportation of beehives and the selection of material for the manufacture of the hive. Training session continued at the Honey House in Lakit village of the Gakh district. Many different devices and techniques used in beekeeping located on the farm were presented to the participants of the two days training. Participants were introduced to various devices, techniques, and guidelines used in beekeeping.
Training sessions on the theme of preparation and branding of the eco-friendly walnut jam were organised in Kebeloba village of Zagatala district together with a group that applied for the production and development of this product. Production teams and specialists attended the training and made walnut jam in practice.
During the training sessions, the preparation of the products, before harvesting agro-technical maintenance of walnut trees, rules of harvesting green walnuts, manual peeling, washing of peeled walnuts, perforation after lime, preparation of syrup, and packaging of walnut jam were presented to the production group members.
The project is implemented with the financial support of the European Union and the organization of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FA) of the United Nations (UN).



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