Smart Karabakh hackathon to be held as part of TEKNOFEST

Baku, February 2, AZERTAC

A unique opportunity has been created for students, startups and entrepreneurs who want to be closely involved in Karabakh’s revival programme to present their innovative projects on the Smart City concept at the TEKNOFEST Aerospace and Technology Festival, the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport told AZERTAC.
TEKNOFEST Aerospace and Technology Festival will be held for the first time in Baku by the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 26 –29 May this year. The main purpose of the TEKNOFEST, which has become an international brand, is to popularize the fields such as aviation, space industry and digital economy among young people, promote entrepreneurship in these fields, reveal the knowledge and skills of young engineers through competitions organized within the festival, as well as present national technologies to the general public.
Smart Karabakh hackathon is one of the most interesting competitions to be held as part of the festival in Baku.
Registration for the Smart Karabakh hackathon to be held as part of the Smart City concept which includes the Internet of Things (IoTs), cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other cutting-edge technologies, has already begun. The hackathon covers areas such as education, agriculture, transport, household, energy consumption, water consumption, environment and security.
The Smart City is characterized by a better understanding of operations within the city, the ability to control them and the optimization of limited resources. Smart Karabakh is also seen as a means of improving operational efficiency through the use of Smart City information and communication technologies, sharing the database with relevant agencies and improving the welfare of the population by providing better government services to citizens.
As part of this competition, innovative solutions are offered to the population in various fields through the Internet of Things (IoTs) technology using various software, user interfaces and a communication network.
IoT technology is one of the most important solutions in the Smart City concept. IoT is a network designed to communicate and exchange information between interconnected devices. The data collected from devices is collected on cloud technologies or physical servers, optimized by the private and public sectors and used for convenience of the population within the Smart City. These solutions are also found in the household chores, in the optimal construction of urban infrastructure and in a number of other areas.
The Smart Karabakh Hackathon has a prize fund for young people who will present the most effective solutions in relevant areas.
The prize fund for the first place is $10,000, for the second place – $5,000 and for the third place – $3,000.
The participation of Azerbaijani youth in an intellectual competition such as the Smart Karabakh hackathon, which is part of the restoration of the liberated territories, is very important and valuable.
The deadline for participation in the hackathon is 16 March 2022.

ICT 2022-02-02 15:56:00