New mechanism developed to protect mobile phone users’ rights

Baku, January 18, AZERTAC

The number of mobile devices with a fake personal identification code for telecommunications — IMEI is growing rapidly. In this regard, a new mechanism has been developed to enhance law enforcement measures and protect the rights of mobile phone users.
It is said in a joint statement issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Digital Development and Transport.
The mechanism aims to ensure the immediate detection of stolen and lost mobile devices used in the country and to increase the effectiveness of the fight against crime.
Observations show that it is possible to clone the software of one mobile device and transfer it to other devices by forging a personal identification code - IMEI. Although IMEI is a unique code issued by the International GSM Association to all usable mobile devices, and this code is not identical in any way to that of another device.
To prevent tampering and to make adjustments, the device will be restricted if the number on the cloned mobile device is changed. The same procedure will be performed when making a duplicate of the number on the device with a fake IMEI and inserting it into the SIM slot. In both cases, mobile devices with an embedded restriction will be disconnected from the network.
A mechanism for reuse of phones with an embedded restriction has also been developed, as fraudsters and hackers forge mobile devices without users’ knowledge. If the owner changes the mobile number on the phone, in case of network interruption, he/she should contact the nearest branch of Azerpost and add a new number to the system. The process will be performed for free.
Counterfeit or genuine devices will be identified by the Mobile Device Registration System (MDRS) through an IMEI code. Devices with the same IMEI will be considered original devices that first appeared on the network. Claims of authenticity of other devices will be investigated by Azerpost. A user claiming the authenticity of a mobile device must dial *#06# on the device and contact the post office with the IMEI code displayed on the screen and with device box if available. In this case, the first visible number in the system and to whom it belongs will be identified with the submitted IMEI, and the owner will be informed whether the submitted device is genuine or not.
Support will be provided to citizens through Azerpost branches and Call Center 157. The Call Center will respond to problem questions, explain to citizens how to activate restricted devices, and register complaints and suggestions.

ICT 2022-01-18 13:52:00