® Bakcell invests 226 million AZN in the country over last three years

Over the last three years Bakcell has invested 226 million AZN in the Azerbaijani economy. These investments, aimed at the continuation and development of the company's operations, will also contribute to the volume of the country's gross domestic product in the long run.
Large portion of this amount was invested into further improvement of the telecommunications infrastructure, expansion of the coverage of 4G network in the country’s regions and building a high-quality mobile network in Karabakh.
At the same time, Bakcell, which implements a large-scale Corporate Social Responsibility program, has invested heavily in a number of social projects over the past three years. These include the company's projects aimed at combating the pandemic, reducing the aftereffects of the Second Karabakh War, rebuilding Karabakh and creating equal opportunities for children and youth with disabilities.
Bakcell will continue to invest heavily in the economy of Azerbaijan to contribute to the development of the country's telecommunications sector. In 2021, the mobile network of Bakcell was once again named the fastest in Azerbaijan by Ookla®. Today, with more than 8700 base stations, Bakcell network covers 99.9% of the population of Azerbaijan and 92.4% of the country's territory.

ICT 2021-12-29 20:57:00