Philosophical treatise “Cognition of the World” by professor Ahad Janahmadov published

Baku, October 22, AZERTAC

A popular scientific philosophical treatise “Cognition of the World” by the famous Azerbaijani scientist, doctor of technical sciences, professor, Vice-President of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy, head of the Department of Transport Mechanics of the Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy, member of the Council of Presidents of the International Engineering Academy Ahad Janahmadov has been published. The scientific editor and author of the foreword is the President of the International Engineering Academy, Laureate of the State Prizes of the USSR, and the Russian Federation and five awards of the Government of the Russian Federation, Academician Boris Gusev.
Ahad Janahmadov is a full member of several academies across the world. Author and co-author of 30 monographs, 3 scientific discoveries and about 450 scientific articles and patents published in various countries of the world. As a scientist and teacher, he has become a role model for many who communicate with a wide audience.
The cover of the treatise contains statements from the foreign scientists regarding the author and his book.
The greatest popularity was brought to the scientist by his popular scientific treatise "Engineering Philosophy", offered to the attention of readers, about Space, Time, and the Universe. This is another book of the famous scientist, popularizer of science from the series "Engineering Philosophy". The author offers the reader the conclusions of the latest research in the field of cognition of the surrounding world from the standpoint of engineering philosophy, in his characteristic intelligible and visual manner, setting out his ideas about the physical structure of the world in which we live. This book is about how knowledge in the field of natural sciences is applied in our daily life, it intertwines the history of the origin and development of life on our beautiful planet, as well as the history of the formation of minerals. The author of the treatise, based on the theory of the evolution of minerals and other recent studies, tries to investigate the future, predicting the likely changes in life on Earth.
This treatise is for those who are looking for answers to the questions: who are we? what kind of struggle awaits our species in the future? what is the role of information in understanding the world and what is the purpose and meaning of life?
The book is intended for a wide range of readers who are interested in the structure of our universe and understanding the path traversed by Science and Cognition.

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