® Bakcell and “ASAN Letter” surprised children on the eve of new academic year

On the occasion of the start of new academic year Bakcell and the “ASAN Volunteers” organization presented gifts to children of war veterans and children from low-income families living in the city of Ganja. The main purpose of this initiative is to bring joy to children from sensitive groups of population, as well as to increase the level of social responsibility and care in the society.

As a result of this activity, held within the frames of the “ASAN Letter” social project, 24 children who sent their letters to www.asanmektub.az website received school supplies from Bakcell.
In the course of a long-term partnership, Bakcell and “ASAN Letter” have implemented a number of projects to bring joy to many children on various occasions.
Bakcell also provides mobile communications support to the “ASAN Letter” project.
Bakcell takes an active part in many projects aimed at supporting children in need for special care and children from sensitive groups of population in order to provide them with equal rights and possibilities for inclusive education.

ICT 2021-09-24 18:56:00