® “Free call” – a new service from Bakcell

Customers of Leobank will be first to use the new product

Bakcell presented a new product for corporate customers. The new service called "Free Call" will be available to both current and potential corporate subscribers of Bakcell.

Thus, customers of companies which have connected to this service will be able to call them completely free of charge, since the cost of the call will be paid by the party receiving this call. All companies and organizations providing consumer services in Azerbaijan, in such areas as banking, passenger transportation, etc., can benefit from using this new product.
It should be noted that the customers of Leobank, being the first digital bank in the country, became the first to use this brand new product on Azerbaijani market. Thus, Leobank users will not be charged any fee for calls to bank’s numbers.
More detailed information about the new service can be found at the link below https://business.bakcell.com/en/special-offers-mobile
Bakcell will continue further improving its network, service quality and products in order to continue providing corporate and individual subscribers with the best customer experience on the market.

ICT 2021-09-16 19:26:00