® “Special” and “Exclusive” numbers with 099 prefix from Bakcell

Bakcell presented “Special” and “Exclusive” numbers with 099 prefix.

These numbers, released as a limited edition are offered together with “Klass 25” and “Klass 50” tariffs. New numbers with 099 prefix, which go on sale today, will distinguish the users and help them move confidently towards their goals, thanks to unique combination of digits. The customers can reserve the needed number at nomre.bakcell.com or get it at any customer care office or dealer shop of Bakcell.
Note that Bakcell has launched its new “099” prefix in the beginning of the last year. The new prefix provides the subscribers with broad opportunities to get special and unique mobile numbers.
“Our subscribers showed a great interest towards the new 099 prefix. Therefore, we decided to provide them with an opportunity to distinguish themselves and enjoy the best customer experience on the market by purchasing an exclusive number starting with 099 prefix. Using these exclusive numbers in Bakcell network, which was confirmed as the “Fastest mobile network in Azerbaijan” on international level for 3 years in a row adds even more value to this purchase,” says Bakcell CEO Rainer Rathgeber.
Visit https://www.bakcell.com/en/099-prefix-exclusive-special for more detailed information about the new exclusive numbers.
Bakcell will continue providing the subscribers with the best customer experience by constantly improving the quality of its 

ICT 2021-06-29 18:11:00