® Nar supports ‘Build your future’ project

Dedicated to the education and the development of youth, Nar has started cooperation with 'Build Your Future!' Youth Support project which contributes to the preparation of highly educated young men. At the first phase, the mobile operator provided communication support to the selection process of students for 2021-2022 academic year.

"Pomegranate", which always pays special attention to science and education of young people, "Build your future!" begins cooperation with the Youth Support Project.
Notably, ‘Build Your Future’ identifies 11th-grade students with high intellectual potential and a strong desire to study from disadvantaged families and organizes various trainings, trips and events aimed at university preparation, psychological support and personal development throughout the year. The Project has been operating since 2014 with the support of the Ministry of Education and sponsorship of a number of companies with the view to support the youth from low-income families with high knowledge and skills to succeed in life.
At the next phase, Nar will cover out-of-school tutoring fees of students to support their admission to higher education institutions.
‘Azerfon’ LLC (Nar trademark) started its operations on March 21, 2007, and within a short period of time became one of the leading companies of the telecommunications and mobile communication industry of Azerbaijan. The ‘Nar’ brand name was selected as the symbol that resembles the cohesion of the rich cultural and historical heritage of Azerbaijan with the modern life. Being the first operator in the country to introduce the 3G technology, Nar provides the customers with a wide 4G network coverage. With a large network of over 8760 base stations, covering 90% of the country’s territory, Nar provides more than 2.3 million subscribers with the highest quality services.

ICT 2021-06-26 12:08:00