Second container block train from Qingdao in direction of China-Azerbaijan arrives in Baku

Baku, April 21, AZERTAC

The second container block train from Qingdao in the direction of China-Azerbaijan has arrived at Port of Baku.
The transportation was carried out within the framework of cooperation between China Railway (CRCT) and members of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Consortium: KTZ Express, ADY Container LLC and GR Logistics and Terminals.
The total of 51 containers, each 40 foot long, were delivered from port of Aktau to port of Baku by the feeder vessel “Baris”, operated by ADY Container LLC. 10 containers from the block train will further be sent to Georgia and 3 of them to Turkey.
It’s worth reminding that the initial Qingdao-Baku container block train had arrived here in February of 2021.
By the end of this year, ADY Container LLC plans to transport about 50 container block trains in the direction of China-Azerbaijan.

ICT 2021-04-21 13:04:00