Appeal sent to secretariats of conventions to inform world community of crimes committed by Armenian separatists

Baku, November 3, AZERTAC

Aggressive Armenia has been committing large-scale acts of ecological terror, causing serious damage to natural monuments, biodiversity, forest areas, underground and surface natural resources in the territories of Azerbaijan, which are under occupation for 30 years.
Deputy Head of the Service for Biodiversity Conversation Arzu Samadova stated that recently, the invader Armenian state has begun to re-encroach on civilian population, ecological environment, natural resources, world-important biological diversity and rich forest areas outside the war zone.
“As a result of the regular artillery fire on the districts outside the front line by the Armenian Armed Forces in gross violation of the norms of international humanitarian law, several missile shells were dropped on specially protected and internationally recognized natural areas, including the Aghgol and Goygol national parks, which caused large-scale fires. As a continuation of the Armenia's ecological terror, the precious forests of Shusha were subjected to fire with the use of toxic and prohibited white phosphorus, which cannot be extinguished.”
Arzu Samadova noted that as a result of these acts of terror committed intentionally by the aggressive Armenia, serious ecological disturbances occurred in the region, the natural vegetation, the top layer of the land, which takes thousands of years to be formed were completely burned, the rare plant and animal species included in the “Red Book” of Azerbaijan and the IUCN Red List, the number of which has critically decreased were destroyed, the natural habitats were destroyed, the ecological balance was disturbed and the environmental components were seriously damaged.
“These grave crimes committed by Armenia against the nature are a gross violation of the requirements of the international convention on Biological Diversity and the Ramsar and Bern conventions available in the field of environment.
The Service for Biodiversity Conservation appealed to the secretariats of the conventions in order to put an end to the regular acts of ecological terrorism carried out by the invader Armenian state in the territory of Azerbaijan and to inform the world community of the crimes committed by Armenian separatists.”

Environment 2020-11-03 17:57:00