Deputy Minister: We have determined where 650,000 trees will be planted

Baku, October 16, AZERTAC
A total of 650,000 trees will be planted in one day in our republic at the initiative of First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva on the occasion of the 650th birth anniversary of poet and thinker Imadaddin Nasimi. Members of the wider public, representatives of state and government authorities, diplomatic corps, executive authorities and non-governmental organizations, as well as young volunteers will join this noble initiative. A special commission has been set up at the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources for this purpose. Chairman of this commission, Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Firdovsi Aliyev answered questions from AZERTAC on the work done and the significance of this initiative.
- What kind of work is done by the special commission, which was established at the ministry to plant 650,000 trees in one day in our country?
- We joined this initiative by the First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva, with great enthusiasm. A plan of action has been prepared for this purpose and the places where trees will be planted in regions have been determined. We know where 650,000 trees will be planted. Preparatory work is under way, holes are being dug and irritation networks are being created in the areas allocated by the respective entities. I would like to note that drop-based watering networks are being established in the places where trees will be planted in many regions.
Work has started to prepare land in the areas of planting in Shamakhi district, the birthplace of the great master of words, Nasimi, whom the people of Azerbaijan has endowed to the human culture. It should also be noted that the initiative by Mehriban Aliyeva is a vivid example of the significance our state gives to the environment as a people and as a nation on the global scale.
- How has the division been made among districts? In which district will most of the trees be planted?
- Most of the trees will be planted in Sabirabad and Saatli districts. Each of these districts expressed the wish to plant 50,000 trees.
- Will they be decorative trees or fruit trees? How have you determined the types of trees by districts?
- The trees to be planted are selected in accordance with the climatic conditions of each district. They will be both decorative and fruit trees. They will be mainly khan planes, Eldar pines, iron trees, mahoganies, oriental planes, ash-trees, acacias, oaks, maples, almonds, olives, pomegranates, beeches, apple trees, walnut trees, chestnuts, apricots, date palms, nut trees, peach trees, greengage plums, plums and other trees. All of them have been grown in the nursery gardens of the ministry.
- In all, what kind of benefits will planting so many trees bring to our country and our planet?
- This initiative will largely contribute to the cause of mitigation of the effects of climate changes and environmental recovery of the wildlife. These 650,000 trees, which will be planted in our republic in one day, will absorb 2,6 thousand tons of carbon dioxide every year in the ensuring period. Azerbaijan has accepted the target of reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions by 35 per cent by 2030 as compared to 1990 in order to contribute to the global efforts to fight climate changes. This initiative will be a very successful step towards our country’s achieving the target identified in the Paris Agreement on climate change.
You may also know that our country has undertaken a commitment to restore 270,000 hectares of forestry by 2030 by joining the Bonn Challenge on restoration of forests in degraded land. By planting 650,000 trees, we will make a contribution to the Bonn Challenge on behalf of our country.

Environment 2019-10-16 19:29:00