Euronews website posts an article about Ilandagh Mountain in Nakhchivan

Madrid, May 15, AZERTAC
Euronews has presented an episode about Ilandagh Mountain in Azerbaijan.
“In this episode of Postcards, we take you to Ilandag Mountain, one of the main symbols of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in Azerbaijan,” said Euronews.
In the Middle Ages, there was a settlement on one of its slopes, according to the video material.
Ilandagh has always been a mysterious place, inspiring local people to create legends, said Euronews.
According to Euronews, "Its name is translated as 'Snake Mountain'. Good people could hide on it, away from villains who were mercilessly attacked by snakes. However, local residents say there are no snakes on this mountain at all!"
The main legend says that Noah's Ark actually crashed through Ilandagh during the flood, breaking the top of the mountain in two parts.

Aygun Aliyeva,
Special correspondent

Tourism 2018-05-15 11:59:00