Pakistani National Courier newspaper: Azerbaijan`s Black January Stands for Martyrdom and Victory of Humanity

Islamabad, January 20, AZERTAC
Pakistan-based National Courier newspaper has published an article on the 28th anniversary of the Black January tragedy in Azerbaijan.
Written by Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan, the article is headlined “Black January Stands for Martyrdom and Victory of Humanity”.
“January 20th 2018 marks the 28th anniversary of the military invasion and brutal killing of civilians in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan by the forces of the former Soviet Army on 20 January 1990. Black January stands for martyrdom and miraculous human courage, resistance, denial of aggression and state terrorism which led to restoration of independence of Azerbaijan from 70 year former Soviet rule. It was victory of precious “human blood” over brutality and barbarism,” the article says.
“Black January reflects sorrow as well as Azerbaijanis strength, struggle and success against all odds. The Soviet leadership ordered some 26000 troops with heavy military equipment to storm the city of Baku in an operation called “Strike” during which humanity was “bleed” and “beasts” were everywhere in the city but it could not strike-down the true spirits of interfaith harmony, patriotism, national pride and communal unity and people having diversity of faith, belief and origin stood fast to fight against all odds.”
“Black January also portrays “victory of humanity” over vicious killing, collective determination over indiscriminate cleansing and ultimately Azerbaijanis became victors and forces of evil and darkness and attackers on democratic norms, civil liberties and free will got diminished which showed values of die-hard spirits of “economics of humanity”.
“Martyrs of Black January 1990 are real heroes and sons of the motherland, “Azerbaijan” which defended the freedom and independence of Azerbaijan with their bravery and became “larger than life characters”. Martyrs are still alive in shapes of Azerbaijan’s “irrevocable independence”, “uncompromising sovereignty”, “sustained socio-economic prosperity” and the last but not the least, “unbending national pride”, says Hassan Khan.
“Subsequently, Azerbaijan declared independence on October 18, 1991. And today the Azerbaijanis are proud of those who are ready to perish for the sake of their people’s national identity, sovereignty, and freedom around the globe.”
“Black January was “turning point” for all the Azerbaijanis people who abandoned Soviet identity and becoming citizens of the independent Republic of Azerbaijan at the time when such independence still seemed unreachable. It also bears heroism of common people, a newlywed couple and children shot by soldiers and to bullet-ridden ambulances. It showed height of dutifulness and responsibility on part of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff who died as they protected their patients. Black January also upholds “grief” which has enduring human befitting propositions. It united the people of Azerbaijan despite ethnic diversity and strengthened their resolve to achieve that independence. Ultimately, it sustained values of faith, courage, and the strength of human spirits which are universal and everlasting. It was act of perseverance and will to move on and move forward with a better life, a life of freedom, fairness, tolerance and peace and it had also left an even stronger and even greater impression in daily lives of people to centralization of command to national politics to the regional geopolitics.”
“Black January carries “tragedy” too but it transformed outlook of Azerbaijan after which dreams of “qualitative life”, socio-economic prosperity, modernity, and smarter economy became reality and now, the Republic of Azerbaijan holds 75 percent of GDP of South Caucasus,” says Hassan Khan.

Gulu Kangarli
Special Correspondent

Days of sorrow 2018-01-20 14:29:00