Famous Culture Trip magazine highlights Azerbaijan’s tourism potential

Baku, January 10, AZERTAC
The famous Culture Trip digital magazine has published an article on tourism potential of Azerbaijan, highlighting its most popular sights and destinations.
Author of the article, headlined “11 amazing reasons to visit Azerbaijan”, Sam Bedford praises Azerbaijan`s favorable geographical location, emphasizing that "there are quite nice places here that can attract tourists". He hails the government’s recent step of introducing an ASAN Visa, which made it faster, easier and cheaper for tourists to visit Azerbaijan and says that after oil prices fell, the country suddenly became a very affordable destination.
The author highlights the must-visit Baku attractions, which include the capital’s heart with Maiden Tower, Baku’s modern Flame Towers and Ateshgah - a fire temple in the Baku suburbs.
Bedford praises the mixed bag of ancient and modern buildings, as well as their architectural beauty, describing it as main attractions of Baku city, especially when it lights up at night.
“Baku Boulevard hugs the Caspian Sea with an amusement park, bars and cafés along with a cacti garden, Mini-Venice, and the Baku Eye. Beginning at National Flag Square and ending at Freedom Square, this is the best spot for views of the Flame Towers and a relaxing stroll along the coast,” the article says.
The author, in his articles “How to spend 24 hours in Azerbaijan”, “A two-week travel itinerary to Azerbaijan”, the best tours to Azerbaijan”, “20 must-visit attractions in Baku”, “5 amazing beaches within reach of Baku” highlights the Baku’s UNESCO-listed fortified old town - Icheri Sheher, the Palace of the Shirvan Shahs, Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, as well as Nizami Street which is famous as the main shopping district of the city.
Bedford draws an amazing comparison between the Italian City of Canals and Baku’s mini-Venice, a small area on Baku boulevard which is a top Baku attraction for a romantic evening and where locals and tourists ride the Azerbaijani version of gondolas through the artificial canal system first opened in the 1960s.
“Russian is the second widely used language and speaking a few words will go a long way when travelling in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe.”
The Culture Trip author, in his article, headlined “21 essential phrases you will need in Azerbaijan” offers a list of advisable words one need to know visiting Baku, including their translations in English.
Bedford also draws the tourist’s attention to the music culture of Azerbaijan giving brief information about the Eurovision Song Contest which put Azerbaijan on the map with their win in 2011.

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