Dmitry Savelyev: Shopping Festival will make Baku more attractive for tourists, especially Russian ones

Baku, April 13, AZERTAC
Head of the interparliamentary friendship group Russia-Azerbaijan Dmitry Savelyev has said the Shopping Festival will make Baku more attractive for tourists, especially those from Russia. In an exclusive interview with AZERTAC, Savelyev said: “The idea of a trade festival has been successfully implemented in many countries. Having your own trade festival, including fashion shows, introduction to Azerbaijani culture, cuisine, traditions and much more will definitely make the capital of Azerbaijan Republic even more attractive to tourists, especially for Russian tourists.” “Firstly, because Russians are already well familiar with Azerbaijani brands and appreciate the premium quality of Azerbaijani products. The festival organizers have promised to offer some decent discounts. Secondly, because of the good timing of the festival. Lots of Russian citizens are trying to arrange a small vacation during May holidays.” “And our closest neighbor Azerbaijan is the perfect match for this: beautiful weather, gorgeous cuisine, unique cultural sites, almost everyone speaks Russian and the flight is short. That is why the idea of the trade festival is quite modern and promising,” he said.
Savelyev noted: “Today Azerbaijan has certainly a lot to offer to all types of tourists. And trade festival is a great chance to get to know the country at the same time. I am sure that the majority of visitors not once will return here. One trip will not fit everything that one can see even in Old City, not to mention the whole Azerbaijan with its ancient and truly amazing culture.” “In my experience I haven’t met a single person who did not fell in love with Baku after visiting it. There is always an itinerarу for each one’s taste. Thinking about the future I would give more attention to youth travel: build hostels, utilize the potential of concert and sports areas that Azerbaijan has. In that way the country will get loyal tourists who will frequently come again and again with friends, family, children and relatives,” he added.

Tourism 2017-04-13 17:14:00